The Books of Lia Beltrami

Lia Beltrami is the author of six books: Arte del Picnic (2021) and Libertà, Incontro, Avventura (2017), published by Edizioni del Faro – Gruppo Editoriale Tangram, Zanzara e Labbradoro (2016), published by Versante Sud, On the ways of hope (2013) and Women of the Resurrection (2009), published by Paoline, Back to the light (2006), published by Ancora.


Picnic: The Art of Living




Picnicking is an art: the freedom to go out, choose a theme, imagine prairies and deserts as locations, carefully prepare all the materials, cook with imagination. A picnic is freedom: this little guide will help you to leave the confines of the house and prepare your own food out of doors with imagination and fantasy.

Edizioni del Faro, 2021
155 pages, ill., paperback
EAN: 9788855121699


Freedom Encounter Adventure

"My life between cinema, mountains and interreligious dialogue"


A backpacking trip. A fresco of life between encounters, art and dialogue. From childhood to the fortieth documentary, passing through his youth, his commitment to cinema and social affairs, the mountains and the family. A real travel story, a story of movement, of restlessness. Not a point of arrival, but a continuous present, a "river in flood" that always flows. A path that has given rise to projects such as the "Religion Today Film Festival" and "Women of Faith for Peace", where the gaze on dialogue helps to retrace "a story of adventures, travels, extraordinary encounters with women and men from all over the world and with the Christ of the Road".

Edizioni del Faro, 2017
352 pages, ill., paperback
EAN: 9788865375860


Zanzara and Labbradoro

"Roberto Bassi and the birth of freeclimbing in the Sarca Valley"


Versante Sud, 2015
200 pagine, ill., paperback
EAN: 9788898609475


On the paths of Hope

"Joseph and Miriam yesterday and today"


In this text, a reflection is proposed on Joseph, Mary and Jesus in their daily life, according to the Gospel, but interweaving it with today's daily life. Following the steps of the Holy Family, three parts are outlined which include: the meeting between Joseph and Mary, the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth, the journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, the return from Egypt and life in Galilee until at the baptism in the Jordan. Paths of hope are identified in each part: in fact, the testimony of a topical event is inserted into the commentary on the Gospel story.

Pauline Books Editions, 2012
Series "Spirituality of everyday life",
paperback EAN: 9788831541794

Women of Resurrection

"On the roads of the world"


The protagonists are some women met by the author in Italy on trips to the Holy Land and Africa (Ethiopia, Mozambique) to shoot documentaries and who have marked her life. Filo rosso is the exemplary figure of Mary Magdalene, who passed from the abyss of death to the fullness of life, until she was the first to receive the announcement of the resurrection. 8 chapters mark the itinerary of conversion: liberation from the chains of sin; listening to the Word in Martha's house; the entrustment to Christ in front of the tomb of Lazarus; the anointing in Bethany and the madness of love; suffering redeemed at the foot of the Cross; the stone of the sepulcher and the apparent silence of God; the joy of conversion before the Risen One; the mandate of testimony.

Paoline Editorial Books, 2009
Series "Spirituality of everyday life",
paperback EAN: 9788831535274


Backwards into the light

"Cinema and life on the route of the Magi"


The experience of a journey. In 1997, in the company of the Bible, some pages of Saint Augustine and a notebook, Lia Beltrami set off on a journey "backwards" on the path of the Magi, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Persia (Iran), to meet directors and actors of faith and bring them a message: building bridges of dialogue between different religions through cinema and art. Thus was born the "Religion Today International Festival of Cinema and Religion" which has been taking place in Trento for the past eight years, attracting growing interest from the public and critics. Each chapter of the book is introduced by an evangelical passage of the journey of the Magi from which the author takes the cue to retrace, in a geographical pilgrimage and of the soul, the itinerary of a true encounter with each other.

Ancora, 2006
112 pages
EAN: 9788851403775