5 ideas to organise a simple and chic house party

Do you find it difficult to organise a chic house party? It’s not an impossible task. Here you will find 5 ideas for a simple but unforgettable get-together without spending too much. We need to get together, maybe not in a crowd, to re-establish those relationships that are vital for a peaceful life. Cheerfulness is good for us; it makes us live longer and better!


A theme party has already signed its success. You can choose a place or a historical period, something that appeals to the guests’ imagination. Around the holidays it is simple: Christmas, New Year, snow, light, the warmth of the fireplace. In Summer something exotic, Caribbean, Latin. Autumn, a journey through history would be good. In Spring, the feast of rebirth, flower buds, freshness.


The choice of people to invite should be made with some care. How many people can fit in our house? When calculate the number knowing that, usually, 30% will not be able to come at the last minute. Do not overdo it. Be careful not to invite people who do not get on with each other without notifying them in advance! Try to secure someone to lead the dances.

Set a start and an end time for the party. Writing a very clear invitation is important: date, precise place, time, with or without dinner, single or multi-person invitation, rsvp. It is best to send a complete message after making a phone call for a verbal invitation, at least 10 days in advance. A short reminder the day before will suffice. Stop by the neighbours to warn them, and if you can extend the invitation to them as well, you will avoid noise complaints

Arrange the space

You can throw a beautiful, chic party even if you have a small house, just arrange the spaces well. There can be the main place, such as the living room if you have it, or the dining room. And then you can create more reserved corners in the other rooms. Reserve a place to put jackets and coats (the bed will do just fine!). Move the furniture to the sides of the room so that there is room to move around. You don’t need chairs for everyone, it’s nice to alternate between sitting, standing and dancing.

Put tablecloths, even paper ones, in the colour chosen with the theme. Do the same with napkins and any streamers. Balloons always make a party, while candles in glass vases make the atmosphere very chic.

Food and drink to organise your chic house party

The initial choice is: dinner, apéritif or just dessert? It will change the start time of the party and your commitment to prepare. If you have chosen dinner, set up a dedicated buffet table, with savoury puff pastry rolls, a cream of pumpkin soup if it’s wintertime, or tomato in summer, cold meats, and a vegetable dip. And don’t overdo it, people come to be together and if they will be happier if they don’t get too stuffed.

For an apéritif, or an afternoon party, use your creativity for plates with flaky cheese surrounded by grapes and strawberries. Place them on small tables in different corners of the house, together with baskets with special breadsticks. Alternatively, carrots with hummus, bread and olives. Salmon croutons, with a vegan option, will work well for certain occasions. Baskets with marshmallows or chocolates or coloured sugared almonds placed here and there. A few simple things, but of great quality.

The party

Prepare everything by planning the timing so that you are not stressed. The golden rule is: cheerfulness! Music is very important, you could ask someone to be the DJ for the evening. The help of friends creates a good atmosphere for sharing, including for baking and decorations. Make sure there is food and drink in the various corners of the house. Try to give equal attention to each guest. Forget about complaints and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of being together. Have a good party!

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