Montecarlo: the catwalk dedicated to contrast

Montecarlo: the catwalk for a weekend is dedicated to the contrast between wealth and poverty at the Monaco Charity Film Festival. Here we are awarded the Best Filmmaker prize for the film “Ivan del Mare,” Aurora Vision‘s new production. A two-day festival to tell stories from the most difficult places on earth and shine a light on solidarity and resilience.

The Courage of the Monaco Charity Film Festival

Born 17 years ago, suggested by Sean Connery, organized by Vicente Zaragoza and truly committed people, the festival is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless. And it does so with courage right in Montecarlo, where luxury is at home. The event is also an opportunity to support projects for street children in the Philippines and to give space to independent filmmakers. The meeting moments are an opportunity to spark new ideas and open horizons.

Aurora Vision at the film festival in Montecarlo: the catwalk dedicated to contrast.

For years we have been participating in the festival, which fully meets Aurora Vision’s mission. Aurora, the first light of the morning, the one that brings the good news after the night. Our films in fact seek to spread light, hope, resilience. So at the Monaco Charity Film Festival we feel at home.

Award winners at at the Monaco Charity Film Festival

This year we presented “Let Me See the Night,” the documentary about Carla Osella in the Roma camps, and “Ivan del mare,” Ivan Matteo Pederbelli’s story of rebirth, which you can read HERE.

The Award

We receive the “Best Filmmaker” award during the gala at Avenue Princess Grace, with an inevitable thought of the princess, actress Grace Kelly. Her style and class made the world more beautiful. It is an honour to be here.

Ivan del mare

A boy from the Amalfi Coast, who grew up between the port and soccer in the squares of Salerno, turns an accident into an opportunity for growth and becomes Europe’s first online personal trainer, changing the lives of thousands.

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