“The Climate Route”: the green expedition, climate change, populations

“The Climate Route” is getting ready for departure: the expedition along the Silk Road will tell the impact of climate change on populations, for a green world. Here we talk about serious things! Information is one of the first steps for an ecological conversion, together with awareness raising.

The encounter

More than a year has passed since that video call: Marianna (Beltrami) and I were sitting on the floor of Termini Station in Rome and we were listening attentively and curiously to the story of the dream of the guys from “The Climate Route”. The first contact with us was established by the traveler and photographer Giuseppe Cariddi, from there came the founders of the association Luca, Andrea, Giorgio and Alberto. In fact, the association was born during the first lockdown by climate activists: “Our big goal is to raise awareness of the climate crisis as many people as possible, to do so we want to tell the stories of those who are already facing it to stimulate hope in a more equitable and sustainable world.

Between policemen checking the semi-empty station and annoyed businessmen, we decided to fully support the expedition and tell its story in a documentary. The whole project was then consolidated in the woods destroyed by the storm Vaia in Pinè.

In Pinè, Trentino

“Climate Route” project: green expedition, climate change, populations

Our expedition will travel along long stretches of the Silk Road and beyond in the least impactful way possible to tell the effects of climate change and the stories of those who are already reacting to counter them. The documentary aims to inspire empathy and hope. The climate crisis is a huge obstacle but we are convinced that united and informed we can still create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our itinerary. Green expedition, climate change, populations

We will leave from Italy, on the Marmolada glacier. We’ll cross the Balkans by train to Turkey, and once in Azerbaijan we’ll take a boat to Turkmenistan, then continue by train on the Silk Railway and cross Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. We will stop in Mongolia to learn about the local populations crushed by climate change. We will try to understand what solutions the shepherds, nomads and farmers have put in place… From there, we will travel along a stretch of the Trans-Siberian Railway to tell the story of the melting of the ice and the changes connected to it.

Preparing the expedition in various parts of Italy

The film, the distribution

The whole expedition will be reported on social networks in real time. From there we will make a documentary film that will follow the expedition, the internal dynamics, the challenges, the people and the hopes. The film will be distributed by Indie Rights  of Los Angeles. They are currently presenting it at the European Film Market, during the Berlin Film Festival.

The Aurora Vision production company has been “Aurora Vision Ecolifestyle” for 5 years, with a direct commitment to ecological conversion. And last year we produced for the Vatican – Laudato Si’ – the exhibition “Emotions to generate change”, with photos by Asaf Ud Daula. With the film “The Climate Route” we will continue to communicate and raise awareness for an integral ecology.

To date, the following have given their full support to the expedition: FAO, Mountain Alliance, I.ta.cà Festival of Sustainable Tourism. Frida Group University of Turin, Guide Marco Polo, IdeeGreen, Italia che Cambia, UniquePels.

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