California, a trip from Hollywood to Yosemite, the home of free-climbing

A trip to California opens the door to different worlds: from the Hollywood cinema to the Yosemite park, the mythical place of free-climbing, passing through the wonderful Sabrina Lake. If you’re a little curious, the size of California adventure is within your reach. It’s easy to drive around in a rental car and accommodations can be found for every wallet.

The parties on the terraces of West Hollywood

Arriving in Los Angeles can be destabilizing if you’re not used to the large scale. Everything is dilated, big distant, and the traffic in the city is heavy. But it can be overcome with a little spirit of adaptation. Los Angeles is made up of many cities together, worlds apart, each with a different spirit. Pick one so you don’t waste your energy.

If you choose the movie world, go on a guided tour of the Studios, to get a good feel for the atmosphere. The tour among the villas of the VIPs is very old-fashioned tourism, but it is fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to run into a big star? Lately the most “in” parties are concentrated in West Hollywood, if you can get invited, do not miss the opportunity. Once we attended a super party organized by ITTV Italian TV Festival Los Angeles, on the terrace of a skyscraper, with actresses, actors, directors like Sorrentino and others. There was a good atmosphere, no excesses, lots of cinema.

Paolo Sorrentino at ITTV party

Independent cinema. California, a trip from Hollywood to Yosemite, the home of free-climbing

Aim for independent cinema, the one that usually proposes the most interesting things, less clichés. In Hollywood you can find tickets for beautiful premières, at basic prices. And if you are lucky, you can participate in the red carpet and meet the authors. Unforgettable events organized by Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, of Indie Rights, at the Arena Cinelounge. In fact, it’s worth it just to experience the small movie theater seats and amazing sound.

Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, Indie Rights

For the full experience, head Downtown to try Alamo Drafthouse On-demand movie theaters, movies with drinks, and you can order dinner!

To Yosemite National Park

To regain your balance after immersing yourself in chaotic Los Angeles, you can head north, where Yosemite Park awaits. Opt for the route along the ocean, on Pacific Coast Highway 1. From Santa Monica, you’ll arrive in Malibu: a shrimp breakfast, a walk on the beach and then many hours of “ocean view”. Exit at Paso Roble and stop for a sleepover in Fresno, near the park entrance.

Half Dome from the Glacier Point

Early in the morning enter Yosemite Park and head straight to Glacier Point, where you can watch the sun rise. Then head down the valley following the classic routes. The thrill of seeing the El Capitan wall pop out of the tunnel is great. The greatest climbers in modern history have tried their hand on these routes. This is where free climbing was born, this is where the legend was born.

El Capitan

If you want to escape the tourist routes, just stop at the campsite to find the freedom of free climbing and to take home the most beautiful T-shirts. In 1979, 4 young people from Trentino came here to climb the first Italian route of the Salathé and the Lost Arrow route (2,110 meters of development!): Roberto Bassi, Marco Furlani, Gigi Giacomelli and Elio Piffer. On Zanzara e Labbradoro you can find the story of the mythical journey.

Bishop and Sabrina Lake

After saying goodbye to Yosemite, cross the Sierras and stop in Bishop. You will continue to experience the atmosphere a little hippy, a little west coast, in its original spirit. Great musicians perform in the various venues, with covers of Neil Young and top singers. Early in the morning, go up to Lake Sabrina and treat yourself to breakfast at the lodge. If you are an angler, you can rent equipment and soak up the atmosphere.

Spa in Death Valley: California, a trip from Hollywood to Yosemite, the home of free-climbing.

To conclude your itinerary between free-climbing and cinema, head down to Death Valley. For this stretch you must plan well for both fuel and water. Plan your stops and places to visit. The landscapes are unique in the world, and the fatigue of the trip will soon pay off. To end on a high note, stop at one of the motels near the end of the desert and soak in an outdoor hot tub.

Death Valley

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