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5 resolutions for the new year: from personal wellbeing to community

The path of the new year resolutions starts from the need for my personal wellbeing, to open up to the world outside, like the water circles of the stone in the lake. To feel better, so that others around me and one’s community can live better.

Every year I find myself making a list of resolutions, like millions of other people. HERE I wrote the “guidelines” of the resolutions. Last year’s report card went well: the time given by confinement helped me to work inwardly. For the new year, I feel more determined, and I am setting myself greater challenges.

Letting go, like the river

The first resolution is also the most difficult one, I often repeat. I want to learn to let go, like the flowing river. Holding back thoughts, negative feelings, fears, people, is useless and creates inner blocks. Learning to let go is the best way to experience the harmony of creation, which is always in motion. Static produces stagnation and smell. Movement is life. And letting go is connected with movement: it is a conscious choice of freedom. Will I be able to learn to let go?

Overcoming inner laziness

The inner journey, be it spiritual, religious, meditation, research, is often assailed by laziness. Settling for what has been achieved goes against the movement. It is easy to go back to building inner cages or new walls to defend oneself against the unknown. All that we have acquired should be celebrated, and then we can resume our inner journey. So I aim to fight inner laziness, to take nothing for granted.

My inner journey is connected to faith, so overcoming laziness for me is also about expanding my prayer time, making it freer from thoughts, and living with more awareness towards the eternal.

Cooking and new picnics among the wellness resolutions for the new year

The first points concern my inner dimension. But that’s not enough. In order to feel good, it is important to dedicate oneself to others: my happiness is closely linked to the happiness of the people around me. What can I do in the new year to make those around me happier?

I can certainly make their lives more beautiful by learning to cook new, intriguing, healthy, colourful, tasty dishes.

And my culinary purpose extends to picnics. I have experienced in a thousand situations how happy a nice picnic makes people: good food, fine preparation, the sky as the ceiling and the grass as the carpet. So one of my resolutions is to organize many  picnics  in various parts of the world, together with the community of dreamers and those who are committed to generating real change.

Picnic World Tour

Film and solidarity

From the personal to the community and then to the professional sphere. The fourth purpose concerns my work as a documentary filmmaker. Every year I make films related to solidarity, but my resolution for this year is to make a very special one. I would like to “design” a story with extraordinary images, to awaken in the audience the desire for solidarity, the desire to get out of the cocoon in which the pandemic has closed, to go towards the other.

Among your resolutions for the new year, a really important one for well-being…

I have never made this resolution before, but the time has come: in the new year I commit to going on holiday. Does that make you smile? But it does – it takes a good resolution to force me to go on holiday. The last few years have been very busy, between caring for the sick and the world chaos. I have worked a lot, always with commitment, but I have not devoted the right amount of time to leisure. So I have decided that during the course of the year I will take a holiday. It will be a real holiday, I promise. Happy New Year to you and good resolutions!

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