Christmas Picnic: celebrate with an outdoor lunch

Why not treat yourself to a real Christmas picnic and celebrate with an outdoor lunch? Christmas Day doesn’t necessarily have to consist of long meals. You can spend a beautiful day outdoors, contemplating creation, eating an unforgettable Christmas picnic. Here are some recipes for the occasion.

Setting up your Christmas picnic

The choice of location is important: you can choose an equipped area, or you can bring your own camping chairs and invent a new space. If you’re up in the mountains and if you’re intrepid, dig a table in the snow and create a magical Frozen-inspired place.

Avoid the blanket on the ground, too wet and cold. If you have to stay indoors instead, HERE are some ideas to make it an Alpine Christmas.

Christmas picnic in the snow

The red tablecloth in this case must be there, at the most gold. In any case, it has to be festive. Paper plates and napkins should also be chosen carefully. Place a few candles in the glass and your party room is ready.

Puff pastry appetisers

Ingredients for 4 people: a rectangular roll of puff pastry, 5 small sausages, a cup of spinach, cream cheese, 4 slices smoked salmon.

Divide the dough by cutting 6 vertical strips. In the first two, roll up the sausages and cut into pieces. Top the other 4 strips with the soft cheese. Fill two of them with spinach, roll up and cut. The last ones with smoked salmon, roll up and cut. Bake in the oven at 200° for 10 minutes. Take to the picnic in a well-sealed box.

Prosecco for Christmas Picnic

Pea soup, very easy

Boil 500 g frozen peas covered with broth, add a chopped onion and salt to taste. After 20 minutes, blend in a blender. Add ground pistachios or almonds. Before you leave for your picnic, heat up your veloute and take it with you in a thermos flask, it will be a nice warm and cosy surprise.

Pumpkin and ricotta cake

Ingredients: brisè pastry, 500 g of steamed or baked pumpkin, 250 g of ricotta cheese, nutmeg, salt, rosemary, 1 egg, 1 small cup of grated cheese.

Mix the pumpkin, ricotta, herbs, egg and cheese together well. Roll out the dough on a cake tin and fill with the mixture. Bake in the oven for 50 minutes at 170°.

Bakery panettone for your Christmas picnic and outdoor lunch

For dessert, I recommend you support your neighbourhood bakery by ordering a small panettone with your favourite flavours. It makes everything easier. If you don’t live in Italy and can’t find panettone, opt for typical sweets from your area.

Send  HERE the photo of your wonderful Christmas picnic, we will share it with the fans.

And for a different gift… The book “Picnic: the Art of Living”

If you are a picnic enthusiast, your gift list should include the book PICNIC THE ART OF LIVING by Lia Beltrami. A picnic is an art: the freedom to go out, choose a theme, imagine prairies and deserts as a location, carefully prepare all the materials, cook with imagination. A picnic is freedom: this little guide will help you to leave the confines of the house to prepare your own food out of doors with imagination and fantasy.

Merry Christmas to you!

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