5 Christmas gifts for a 50-year-old woman

At this time of year and with what we are experiencing, it is the right time to fill the people we love with pampering: here are some ideas for 5 Christmas gifts for a woman of 50. I use the number 50 as a symbolic number, the number of the jubilee, of liberation from slavery, of fullness of life. And when giving Christmas presents, let us always remember the beauty of the meaning of the celebration.

Don’t give pots, appliances, or dietary plans. A woman in the fullness of life has usually already given so much, so no utensils. Instead, go for anything that smells like a “cuddle”, soft, warmth.

Daydreaming oil

With the changes of age, the skin becomes thinner and looks dry. After the age of 50, oil becomes a very valuable ally and a special pampering. There are many types, with special fragrances. The success of the gift will depend on the fragrance. If the woman loves the sea and travel, monoi oil and jasmine oil will be perfect. If she loves the warmth of home, a lavender oil is the right ally. Giving the gift of a skin oil is like giving a hug, which has become rare.

The basket of tasty treats

Several more general ideas can be found in my article from last year, “7 ideas”... A woman who is used to saving money and counting pennies when shopping will be delighted to receive a basket or box with some truly excellent specialities. Here you have to test your taste, then it’s all easier. By ordering specialities now, you are supporting small-scale production, excellence and biodiversity. You can look for pistachios from Bronte, chocolate

You can look for pistachios from Bronte, chocolate from Modica, real balsamic vinegar, honey from the Alps, truffles, the best choice of crunch. You can go on and on. The important thing is that the product is artisanal.

Massages to make you feel better

Before giving one or more massages as a gift, check whether the person in question loves them or not. Massages are like that: either you love them or you hate them. Then look for a centre nearby, so that the person does not have to travel for hours. Then choose a massage that is interesting, curious and not explicitly therapeutic. A real cuddle, in short.

The computer is the most challenging of the 5 Christmas gifts for a 50-year-old woman

If I wanted to give a more financially demanding gift, I would give a 50-year-old woman a state-of-the-art laptop computer. Something that connects her with the high tech world, that makes her feel up to date. Along with the computer, you can also give an hour of expert advice to make the start of the new experience easier.

The gift of a computer is the gift of a tool for a new phase in life.

Support for those in difficulty

Support for those in difficulty

To fill the occasion of the Light that came into the world with meaning, you can also think of a solidarity gift. It can also complement one of the other gifts. It is certainly a way of taking care of each other, because we are all related in the world. There are many associations that offer solidarity gifts. Look for the one that inspires you the most. You can give a hot meal to a family in need, or care for a child, or a blanket… The associations will then give you a voucher which you will put in a beautiful decorated envelope, giving it to the person in your heart. “With this gift you have bought lunch for a family in…”. Among the somewhat revolutionary Christmas gifts you could give are two actions to change yourself a little and thus the world around you. For Christmas, we can decide to embrace the concrete path to integral ecology, that of the Laudato Si’ platform. HERE you will find all the information.

Similarly, you can follow the call for concrete action to stop trafficking and thus help thousands of women (and children) who are victims of slavery. The Talitha Kum network proposes actions and paths in which everyone can do their part.


Happy Advent, happy preparation for Christmas.

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