5 ideas for enjoying Autumn to the full

So that you don’t get discouraged by the first cold weather and the short days, here are 5 ideas for enjoying Autumn to the full. In this way, you can recreate the atmosphere of chestnuts and fragrances, which makes you want to build your den before winter.

Walking through leaves

Foliage walking is very fashionable. It is marvellous to immerse oneself in the warm colours of autumn. Nature gives us unique emotions, between red, gold and orange; a charge of energy that reaches the deepest centres of our inner world.

If you can, take a trek through the most intense leaves, walking slowly, looking carefully and focusing on the colour of the leaves. You can take some coloured leaves home, dry them and make up your own autumn painting by sticking them on a piece of furniture or a wall.

Autunno al Lago di Cei - Foto di Davide Vinciguerra
Photo: Davide Vinciguerra

Chestnuts and must

Autumn can be experienced outside in nature, but also at home. Chestnuts are a must, so put them in a basket in the middle of the table as a decoration for a few days. And they should be used before they lose their fragrance.

Cooking them over a fire or in the oven, with a horizontal cut, is the most classic way. And then chestnuts should be enjoyed with must, the first fruit of the autumn grape. I like them very much boiled: put them in water for half an hour, with a cross cut on the top, adding a teaspoon of salt and 4 sage leaves.


Warm scents and a fireplace

In addition to sight (the colours of the golden daughters) and taste (the chestnuts and must), you can also engage your sense of smell and hearing. If you have a fireplace, light it often to listen to the sound of the fire crackling. If not, find a compilation of relaxing music. Michael Franks’ “Burchfield Nines”  will do just as well.

Autumn scents are reminiscent of amber and sandalwood. You can get candles with scents, or essences in a precious diffuser.

Lago e monti in Autunno Foto di Davide Vinciguerra
Photo: Davide Vinciguerra

A cheerful wardrobe change

Touch is involved in the change of wardrobe. The fateful changeover, which is often a burden, can become a fun time to enjoy the autumn. It’s important to set yourself a criterion: for some it might be “just the essentials”, for others “what I like”, but also “just what feels good to the touch”.

Changing wardrobes is an opportunity to cut down on excess and with the help of recycling sites or second-hand shops, it can become a more sustainable way of life. And, if possible, buy a rewarding garment with lots of colour. Bright, warm colours convey the energy you need to prepare for the cold weather.

Autumn picnic

A picnic is one of the top  5 ideas for enjoying autumn. In my book PICNIC THE ART OF LIVING you can find more ideas. Don’t let the weather stop you: a little sunshine is enough to make a picnic enjoyable. It’s best to choose a place with a wooden bench, as the grass will be too wet.

Some suggestions for the menu: a hot pumpkin soup in a thermos flask, pumpkin or carrot and provolone muffins prepared the night before, a strudel with taleggio cheese and mushrooms, sweet chestnut morsels. And to accompany it all, a good red wine or grape juice.

Foto di Davide Vinciguerra
Photo: Davide Vinciguerra

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