Cannes Film Festival and Award in Monaco, between film and art

Cannes Film Festival and Award in Monaco, between film and art: we finally open our horizons after so much closure. The beauty of the C么te d’Azur captures us and opens us up to so many international encounters, making the days more dense and colourful.

Lome’s flags on La Croisette with Linda and Michael, Indie Rights Movies

At Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival  is an unmissable event. It is the most important time of the year for those working in the film industry. There are lots of screenings, in lots of cinemas, and the March茅 du Film is the biggest and most interesting around. After last year’s sad break, we return to the Cannes Film Festival excited. The festival world is a bit like a big family, meeting each other, exchanging opinions and ideas, projects and dreams. Our professional base is at the Hotel Majestic, which allows us to be swept away by all the stars who are in the lobby getting ready to leave for the red carpet.

On the terrace tables we plan the next shoot with our English partner Joel, who has a production company in London and works all over the world, Vandercom. And at the market we meet our Los Angeles distributors, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison of IIndie Rights Movies. The time we spend together is always dense and full of ideas. We will be distributing Tears&Dreams with them, so it will soon be available in English, French and Spanish.

Joel and Lia at Majestic

In a bar opposite the harbour, Marianna Beltrami and I meet the Italian-American producer Roberto Bessi. Roberto’s vision is always projected into the future and perhaps that is why he has made such important films as Ladyhawk by Richard Donner, with Michelle Pfeiffer, and A Good Woman by Mike Barker, with Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Wilkinson. Let’s raise a glass together to two important new projects. Cannes is the “fairy godmother” of film dreams.

Roberto Bessi with Marianna Beltrami

Lome and his flags on Croisette. Cannes Film Festival and Award in Monaco

On the C么te d’Azur, the arts intertwine and give life to unforgettable works. Between land, sea and sky, the greatest painters have come here: Picasso, Chagall, Van Gogh, Miro, Matisse, Renoir, Gauguin… And in Cannes, we are with Lome, the contemporary painter who is closest to my heart. In his paintings and sculptures, Lome tells of the sky, the human soul and nature. His works are glimpses that allow the sky, the human soul and nature to penetrate one another.

Lome’s flags fluttered on the Croisette and from the balconies of Cannes, creating an impromptu display that thrilled the many people present.

Picnics on tour. Cannes Film Festival and award in Monaco, between film and art

We are here with Lome to talk about the new big project that sees us in the World Picnic to Regenerate Hope, with partners AAurora Vision and Areepicnic. We will soon have the opportunity to talk about this great journey, in a time that really needs hope.

For the occasion, we are getting away from the crowds and creating a magnificent picnic along the corniche of the C么te d’Azur, between Cannes and St. Tropaiz: champagne, olives, tapenade (the recipe for a simple version can be found in my book 鈥Picnic the Art of Living鈥), baguette, ham and cheese samples.

The award in Monaco for “A Burst of Song”

The French tour ends with a much-appreciated award. Monaco Charity Film Festival has been held in Monte Carlo for 16 years. This year the prize for the Director goes to Lia Beltrami for the film “A Burst of Song”.

The awards ceremony is a real moment of regeneration after a year and a half in the film tunnel. It starts with a concert by a excellent artist, Barbara Monte. Her songs touch the heart and open up to life. Her training and professionalism, her touch on the violin and her stage presence make her a performer to watch out for… She will be full of surprises. This was followed by the presentation of the award and the conclusion with a reduced but explosive version of the Gipsy Kings. Dancing to their tunes, we fill ourselves with joy for the coming months. The Cannes Film Festival and the prize in Monaco, between film and art, are one stage and many more to come.

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