The Amalfi Coast, Ivan, movement, cinema …

The Amalfi Coast, Ivan, movement, cinema … Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, seen from the sea are a perfect open-air set. We just went there with the Aurora Vision, crew, with Gino Sgreva, great director of photography, and Andrea Morghen on camera and production, to shoot a documentary film on Ivan’s story.


Piazza Petti

Ivan Matteo Pederbelli  is the protagonist. Born in Salerno, he grew up in Piazza Petti, began with swimming and then devoted himself to football. With the help of good coaches, he became a good footballer and went on to play in the youth teams of Salernitana and then Cavese. A collision on the pitch knocked him out. He risked paralysis and had to stop playing. Darkness.


With great strength and the help of her family and some movement experts, she managed to get out of the tunnel and invented a new life based on movement. He graduated in exercise science, specialised in osteopathy and studied nutrition. He quickly became Europe’s number one online personal trainer.  A story that we will tell in the film to motivate young people to walk the path of resilience.


Cinema is part of Salerno. The Festival del cinema di Salerno was born in 1946 and is now in its 75th edition. We meet the president, lawyer Mario De Cesare. Listening to him opens our hearts to the history of cinema and the history of the city. In 2018 we had won an award with the film Alganesh and in 2020 the Best Documentary award with Tears&Dreams. We hope to continue the tradition…

Over an excellent pizza at Gennaro Coppetta’s alla Resilienza, we meet the lawyer Paolo Laudisi, who collected the award for us, and the Salerno producer Barbara Kornfeld.

Ivan with Gino Sgreva, Andrea Morghen, Lia Beltrami

Religion Today and Cilento

Cinema creates indissoluble bonds, the network of festivals becomes a family. And so we also meet Don Andrea Sorrentino, who for years organised the Religion Today Film Festival in Sant’Angelo a Fasanella. Now he is in Marina di Camerota and animates culture with the Meeting del Mare. From November, we will be working together again.

Don Andrea Sorrentino at Resilienza

The Amalfi Coast, Ivan, movement, cinema …

The sea in Ivan’s story is the common thread, the driving force, the energy of the waves. So the Salerno trip ends on Captain Luciano’s boat, which allows us to film extraordinary sequences. Thus a dream becomes reality: the discovery of Ravello, the landing in Amalfi, the view of Positano, the caves, the springs in the sea, the depths, the lemon terraces.

Amalfi Coast, Ivan, movement, cinema. Filming ends at the iconic location on the Amalfi Coast, the Grand Hotel Tritonein Praiano, where Gennaro Gagliano brings us unforgettable emotions.

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