Moving: the story of Ivan Matteo Pederbelli

Moving: the story of Ivan Matteo Pederbelli, online personal trainer, is really cool. Do you feel blocked by months and months of lockdowns and restrictions? Do you think it is impossible for you to change, that you have tried everything? Get involved with Ivan’s story and those who have experienced transformation through him, you will be amazed.

Ivan Matteo Pederbelli


Movement leading to transformation is the necessary way out of the darkness of the pandemic. To move means to move an object from one point to another, to change position. To move means to move from an inner block, to life. Therefore, to move pulls us out of the stone, out of the block in which we have hidden ourselves, into flow, into becoming, into life.

The lockdown has locked us into our homes. Some have given in to mistrust, some have found new ways, like the thousands of people who have started online exercise and wellness programmes. So many have found Ivan Matteo Pederbelli with his IMP platform. Listening to the testimonies of those who, thanks to the movement, have changed their lives, makes you want to meet him.

Salerno and the Salernitana Medical School

Ivan is from Salerno, and this already leads us to find the roots of his ability to create transformations through movement in his own city. In the Middle Ages, Salerno was the birthplace of Europe’s first medical school, the forerunner of the university.

“If you lack physicians, let these three things be physicians for you: a happy soul, peace of mind and a moderate diet”. This is found in Sanitatis Salernitanum, a Latin treatise written in the 12th-13th centuries, and is somewhat of a motto of the Salernitana Medical School. An ancient legend has it that the school was founded by a Greek pilgrim, Pontus, a wayfarer, Salernus, the Jew Helinus and the Arab Abdela. From the encounter of cultures comes the richest paths. Movement: the story of Ivan Matteo Pederbelli.  

From the encounter of cultures comes the richest paths.

Ivan’s story

Ivan grew up between the harbour – his grandfather was a lighthouse keeper – and the squares of Salerno. He is immersed in the ‘Italian way of life’, with a strongly rooted family. And in the city’s squares he began to play football and soon reached a good competitive level, playing with Salernitana and Cavese. Football was his only reason for living. But at the age of 19 he had a bad accident on the pitch that brought him close to paralysis: “When I was 19 I was in a hospital bed with the right side of my body paralysed and the doctors told me they were sure of one thing: I would never be able to move my body again.

Ivan decides not to have an operation and lets himself go to the darkest depths of despair. Suddenly, in front of a sunset, something unexpected happens inside him. Light wins over darkness. He meets a friend who helps him to understand: “Moving is life”.

Moving is life

Ivan found the strength to react and worked on himself until he returned to physical activity. On this path he understands his secret of the heart: “At that moment I realized that the most important parts of the body are the mind and the heart, and no one but yourself can decide what you can do and who you will become. Everything is possible if you really believe in it and above all, no problem is so big that you can’t solve it.”

Ivan decided to start his own journey into the world of fitness. Therefore, amidst the ups and downs of life he has a vision that becomes clearer and clearer, so Ivan creates IMP, Impossible Meets Possible and lands on the web, inventing routes as an online personal trainer. In a short time he reached millions of people across Europe.

Ivan’s story will soon be a film directed by Lia Beltrami

Moving: the story of Ivan Matteo Pederbelli will be made into a film

Moving: Ivan Matteo Pederbelli’s story will soon be the subject of a film. In fact, Aurora Vision  has decided to tell his story in a documentary film that will be in cinemas around the world from autumn 2021. The film will be an important step in making a story of transformation and hope known to the public.

A crowdfunding campaign has started to support the project, “Moving is Life”. You can participate on this LINK

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