Eating outdoors, why does the food taste more delicious? “Picnic: the Art of Living”

Eating outdoors, why does the food look tastier? There are several hypotheses to test in the book “Picnic: the Art of Living” Have you ever felt a certain joy in dining under the sky? Any corner of nature can become a great restaurant. Foremost, natural light gives back the true colours of the food and normally makes you feel more comfortable than artificial light. Then, in the open air, you can smell the scents more. Moreover, if we have taken a walk to get to the chosen place, even the appetite is felt more strongly.

Nothing like a beautiful forest in the cool of summer restores the goodness of a lovingly prepared meal.

An ambassador-worthy picnic, with Her Excellency. Stokes Heyford

Breaking the routine

Among the things that have challenged us this year is undoubtedly the routine that has forced us to always eat in the same room, with the same dishes, and the same colours. Routine is important, but to make the most of it, we must also know how to break it. To go out to eat then, a good alternative to the restaurant can be just the picnic. And even the best restaurants, if you want, now prepare excellent picnics.

There are several options to break the routine: we can go out to a beautiful place in nature, find an “urban style” corner in the city, adapt the garden or backyard, or empty out the dining room and adapt it as needed.

The choice of the place for the picnic

Choosing the right place is 50% of the success of a picnic. First, it’s important to decide on a theme – and in the book “Picnic: the Art of Living” you’ll find dozens of them. Then you adapt the location, so that it is as close to the theme as possible or inspired by it. We can have a sailboat-style picnic standing in front of the park’s pond, or choose some ancient monuments in the background to evoke the Middle Eastern picnic.

If you choose a beautiful nature dive like a forest, remember to evaluate: the shade, the wind, the insects. Adjust your shot accordingly.

The choice of location is 50% of success

Eating outdoors with taste is a matter of organization

To really enjoy a good outdoor meal, it doesn’t take a lot of work. It is rather a matter of good organization. One must choose the food well, considering whether to opt for hot or cold. The right equipment should also be thought of, so as not to replicate the entire kitchen, but to eat well while experiencing the essentials. A checklist is also useful, so as not to forget the right bottle opener or knife. To think well is also the support: on the rocks, on a board, on the classic cover, on a beach towel, oriental pillows, puff, or what else?

On the rocks of the French Riviera

Eating outdoors, why does the food look tastier? “Picnic: the Art of Living”

Every once in a while it’s good to cast your mind back to more joyful times. Do you? Can you think of special picnics? When I think of particularly beautiful moments, I easily pair them with meals eaten outdoors. The first one that comes to mind is a wonderful picnic we had with my husband on the Cote d’Azur: we equipped ourselves with top quality food, olives, anchovy sauce, baguettes, good wine, and set up on the rocks. We contemplated the setting sun and all the food tasted incredible. I think the spectacle of the sunset is always one of the most beautiful and in the crisp air of the evening the food becomes wonderfully more flavourful. Will it be an art of life thing?

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