Picnic: the art of living

“Picnic: the art of living”, the new book for living with freedom and a pinch of lightness is out in both English and Italian. Tired of staying indoors? Ready to get outside in warm weather, but want to avoid crowds? Looking for some new, low-cost ideas for better living? Then don’t miss out on the new book “Picnic: the art of living”, which you can order it HERE

Picnic is freedom

Picnicking is an art: the freedom to go out, choose a theme, imagine prairies and deserts as a location, carefully prepare all the materials, cook with imagination. Having a picnic is a gesture of freedom: this small guide will help you to leave the confines of the house to prepare your food out of doors with imagination and fantasy.

Western picnic

Living with art, the art of the picnic. A book for living in freedom

Living with art brings you into the heart of the world. I can appreciate every smallest gesture and every moment. Art puts me in communication with the infinite and brings fragments of the infinite into my daily life. And eating outdoors puts me at the center of Creation.

Food involves the senses of taste, smell, sight and touch, and to a certain extent hearing. Beyond physicality, food touches internal chords, makes the world of memories resonate, bounces memories of past experiences. Food gets in touch with the soul, revealing its deep symbolic value.

Picnic in the Creation

A forest, a beautiful meadow, the sky, mountain tops, the beach, just the most beautiful places to eat. You feel deeply immersed in Creation and all food tastes better. Having picnics in the open air is a way to give thanks and to experience beauty more deeply.

Picnic on the French Riviera

Ideas of picnics for travelling

“Picnic: the art of living” is a journey around the world through picnics inspired by the oriental, Japanese, far west… Picnics to do in the mountains, at the sea, on a boat, in the city, in your own apartment. “Picnic: the art of living” is a small guide to live the simplest things with lightness and imagination. It is divided into 5 parts:

Art of Picnic

Open-air Picnics

What if we go on a walk? Trekking picnics

How about indoors: fantasy picnics

Italian merendas

Picnic: the art of living. The new book to live with freedom and a pinch of lightness, Italian way of life.

The picnic combines various aspects typical of the Italian way of life: good food, being together, the lightness of the here and now. In the attention to detail and in the search for high quality food, simple and natural, is the essence of the typical Italian way of life.

“Picnic: the art of living” devotes an entire chapter with 20 Italian-style snacks, ideas from the 20 regions that make our country unique.

You can order the book on Amazon HERE

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