Five hundred words

Five hundred words. My friend Lia calls me and asks me to write something for her, the only condition: five hundred words. In my case, not only am I not a writer, I have not written since time immemorial, so the question is: will I be able to do it? I accept the challenge, I want to put myself on the line and start thinking… Five hundred words, a lot or a few… It depends! Thinking about having to write five hundred words seems to me to be a really demanding task, some may find it almost impossible, others a piece of cake.

Five hundred words between blades and caresses

In reality, we never realise how many words we use, and sometimes we do not give them the right weight. The words we use every day flow in and out of us like fluids, sometimes like caresses, sometimes like blades. Words leave marks, the kind from which it is sometimes difficult to heal, but I know people who use words to heal those marks, and then they become beautiful notes of a song that accompanies us every day on our journey.

Words can be wonderful healing tools and beacons of light on a road that sometimes seems dark to us. The whisper of a friend when we are in difficulty, words of understanding, of encouragement of inestimable value.


They accompany our steps when, with a light heart, we prepare to climb the hard slope of a mountain or follow the gentle slope of a meadow. So when, in spring, we meet up with Mother Nature to enjoy her wonders and abandon ourselves to the scents of rebirth, words allow us to describe the harmony and joy that this coming together brings us!

The words of a song that accompanies us on our journey are good for the soul, they soften our thoughts and soothe our fatigue!

Five hundred words in the silence

 When we reach our longed-for goal, words sometimes remain deep in our hearts and give way to rest in the silence of contemplation. But they are within us, ready to gush out like spring water and tell of the joy of the goal achieved! Then again, the silence is filled with words, just as the gentle lapping of the surf accompanies the movement of the sea. Then we allow ourselves to be accompanied by their rhythm, and we pick up the thread of our lives.

Words of refreshment

We prepare a refreshment for body and mind. And so those mountain peaks, that sand dune, reached with difficulty by following the scent of nature, become our table, the ideal space for our picnic. Then the food that will nourish us outdoors in front of the wonders of nature will then also be accompanied by words, words of sharing, friendship and joy. And so our five hundred words will be very little to recount the miracle of a company which, in the open air, nourishes body and spirit not only with food but with life!

Words to prepare the picnic

So I often organise picnics to nourish not only the body, but also the soul and the eyes that are filled with beauty, leaving the soul free to tap into the immense resource of nature that I become part of every time!

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Art of the Picnic

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