Resignation: 5 words to react

Resignation: 5 words to react, not to let go. Resignation is the “urge” to stand still, the attitude of life that leads to surrender in the face of difficulties. One chooses to stand still, to give up, instead of going, of moving towards something greater, towards a way out.

Yosemite, El Capitan

Are the elderly really the most resigned?

One is resigned when one slowly chooses not to fight anymore, because one thinks that nothing will ever change. This is why it is thought that resignation is the prerogative of the elderly, but this is not the case. Today, more than ever, it is the young and very young who are letting themselves go, who no longer believe in the future, who are letting their inner flame go out. It is not their fault, society has had a hand in it. Here I am not so much looking for causes, but for some magic words to react.

Start with the question: do I see a mountain in front of me, do I want to climb to the top, or do I choose to stay put with the justification ‘I’ll never make it’? I won’t… the words of the resigned.

Yosemite, Half Dome

TREASURE The treasure chest in the depths

Here we are, with the first word to get us out of resignation: treasure. Each of us has a great hidden treasure inside, that treasure chest that has been buried by life. It may be that the wounds, the abandonments, the closures, have buried the treasure. Sometimes it may be a choice of convenience, a bit of laziness, that makes one forget the treasure. Most of the time it is that voice that day after day has convinced you that “you are not worth anything, you are not competitive, there is always someone better than you, you are not good enough…”. So stop listening to the deceptive voices and focus on finding that unique and unrepeatable treasure within yourself.  

Your inner treasure will be your strength. Inside the treasure chest are the tools for climbing the mountain, the ropes, crampons and ice axe.

El Capitan big wall

DREAMS OR DESIRES Resignation: 5 hints not to give in. Understand your desires.

“Dreams are wishes for happiness. If you firmly believe…” says the Cinderella song. Once you realise that you have a great treasure inside, it is time to understand what your most beautiful dream is and how to transform it into a wish. One day, a great woman who frees trafficked girls told me: “The most difficult thing, when the girls come here, is to give them a dream, to make them dream. It takes us up to two years. From the film Tears&Dreams. Take time to nurture your dreams again and try to write down your wishes, outlining them well.

GOALS Set yourself some clear and simple goals

A piece of paper and a marker, a notebook and a pen, are good allies in this phase. To go from desire to action, you need to make yourself a road map, you need to define the path. And for this it is worth starting with the goals. Once you have focused on your desire, ask yourself what the intermediate steps are. So set and write down your goals, one by one, to reach your goal. It is important that the goals are achievable, clear and simple.

So you have drawn your map and are ready to go.

MOVEMENT Resignation: 5 words to react. It’s time to go, to get out of the comfort zone

Life is movement, time is movement, space has movement in it. Everything is a flow and suffering comes from blockages, from stops. Everything that opposes movement is suffering. The sun rises every morning and at sunset goes to rest, so does the moon, the seasons, life. To overcome resignation, you must move from immobility to movement. Your map can become your precious ally, but it also requires the choice to start, to begin the climb. Don’t be afraid to move, don’t feel stuck, frozen, petrified. Step out of your safety zone, leave your moorings, go.

California, Lake Sabrina

TRUST in oneself and in others

The first difficulty in launching into the future is the lack of confidence. Low self-esteem does not help. Trust yourself, your abilities, your strength. If you have made many mistakes in the past (like everyone else), define them and call them by name, then detach yourself from them and go. A help can be to write down your strengths and re-read them often. A journey must also be made to regain trust in others. Have abandonments and betrayals sealed you in your resignation? React, possibly through forgiveness, and give others the chance to be wrong, as you give yourself. Start again with a cautious trust, not every story will end in abandonment, not every friendship will end in betrayal.

If you can free your dreams from the cage, and set out on the road, you will build your own wonderful future.

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