Loving ourselves a little more – 3 weeks to live better

“Loving ourselves a little more – 3 weeks to live better” is my proposal to face a difficult period. Do you feel anxious? Are you experiencing the heaviness of stress? Did your self-esteem disappear? Or does the confusion make you dizzy?

It is all very common in such a difficult time. So what can you do? Maybe you won’t be able to change the world or the course of the pandemic, but you can do something to change inside yourself and be a little happier.

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You can do something to change inside yourself and be a little happier

Loving ourselves a little more: where to start from?

As cheesy as that might sound, the first step is to ask yourself: do I want to be happy? If you ask yourself this questions in truth, you may be surprised by different answers.

Deciding to be happy, deciding to live in joy despite the difficulties, is an important and big step. Once this is done, it will be easier to heal wounds, to forgive and accept others and ourselves.

You need to have a starting point, and the decision to be happy is the best one.

Feeling guilty? Does this seem too self-referential a starting point?

Not at all. For those who read the Gospel, an essential point is: “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Mt 22; Mk 12; Lk 10), and going further back to the Old Testament, Leviticus (19:18.): ” Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbour as yourself”.

“As”… tells us that loving ourselves is part of the commandment. And in order to truly love your neighbour, it is necessary to love yourself first. I do not want to speak of theology or biblical interpretation – let us just take a tiny step forward to live better.

“Love your neighbour as yourself”

And if we are better – especially in this very difficult time – people around us will also be better off. We need to maintain lucidity, like never before.

3 weeks to live better, the proposal.

I am neither a psychologist nor a life coach, but I decided to share a path that I have prepared over the years and that did me a lot of good during the first lockdown.

It is a 3-week journey, where each day I will present a 3-minute video with a proposal for a series of small exercises that you can do on your own, with a notebook and a pen. They will only take a few minutes of your day, a very precious time.

We will work 5 days a week, so that you can take a breath and live the proposed meditations fully.

Loving ourselves a little more – 3 weeks to live better. How are the weeks structured?

The title is “Loving ourselves a little more – 3 weeks to live better”. The first week is dedicated to “living in a state of gratitude”. Gratitude generates deep peace, helps us to see good before evil, makes us understand that not everything depends on us. And living in a state of gratitude generates joy.

And living in a state of gratitude generates joy.

One day I asked a Chassidm Jewish director from San Francisco why was he always happy, in a good mood and why did he dance joyfully while praying. He replied: “If I can always be constantly grateful, and if I turn my gratitude to G_d, I am happy. And if I am happy, I can only express it by dancing.”

The second week I propose concrete steps to “decide to change”: very small changes in the different spheres of your life that will help you fly.

The third week we will encounter the obstacles, the chains that hold you together. It seems gloomy, but the difficulties are there to be overcome. I will propose some exercises that will take you to the end of the path. I will read the conclusion in your comments

What is important is the constancy and commitment that all three weeks. It will not be difficult, and it will be worth it. Have a good journey.

You will find the videos every day on my Facebook page and on other social media channels.



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